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Process for Everyone's Success:

Free Consult, Ideas / Design Plans

As owner and President of "Muirfield Sports",  either myself or our Senior Director of Custom Projects (and many times both of us), meet personally with every client to provide a free consultation as to the possiblities and all options available in the development of a custom Golf Green or Synthetic Turf Lawnscape. In that process I will develop some possible design plans for your review: Please see the attached link to review the type of sketches you can expect to review: CLICK HERE FOR A TYPICAL DESIGN SKETCH. NOTE: You can see other Sketches and Construction Process Photos within the "Photo Gallery" inside Album 10.  At the same time we will review costs and timelines, as well as sharing any informatoin about the industry that you may desire to know... I am delighted to advise and help in everyway possible.

Detailed Project Management with continued review and improvement of the final result

All projects are driven to meet all timelines. To that end, I review all projects and have a great Project Manager in "Marco Barron" who manages all projects for Muirfield Sports. I also have in every onsite project an assigned lead individual ultimately responsible that will meet the customers needs and timelines. Above and beyond those lead individuals, I am always available and responsive. This is my business and I will not have anyone not live up to our successful objectives. And the customer is everything to me, just as the pride I take in the end result of every design project we agree too. I am here for you, so call me if you have an issue that is not being processed effectively, or you have any questions throughout the construction phase.

By request, we also create and prepare "Lawnscapes" with the same diligence that are found in our Custom Greens.  We detail around rocks and boulders, like no other, as again we strive for the natural look.  The density of our "Thatch" type Turf products are the highest in the industry and coupled with the KDK Monofilament, where the blades are purposely tufted at varying lengths (so as not to look fake), combine to create fabulous looks for our Clients.

Free long-term review and improvement

"Muirfield Sports has always maintained a dedicated resolve to truly be the best at providing our Clients with the ultimate in technical support.  When one commits to a Muirfield Sports Golf Green or Lawnscape, we truly are there for them long after initial completion as we continue to refine our custom work and insure a pristine visibility.  

To date, we have repaired, revised and completely rebuilt other synthetic projects, and continually our new Clients have reveled with their new upgraded quality and our exceptional care.  Countless times, these new Client's truly marvel at the tedious and thorough installation techniques that we perform.